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Why I encourage others to try academic writing?

About six years ago, a friend sent me a text message with his email address and password. His instructions were simple; get in there and do that PowerPoint! Before this encounter, I had never heard about essay typer and writing help. I did not think such as thing existed.

Back during my college years, it was impossible to imagine of a world with so many computers and other portable devices. It could never occur to you that a student can ever plagiarize, copy-paste a classmate's assignment. The world was much 'solid'. We are now soft. Soft because you can carry a resume in a memory chip, you can email your dissertation or even check your documents for grammar and/or plagiarism on grammarly. What a soft world! Everything seems to have a soft version nowadays. Even an exam can be 'taken' soft!

Back to my story. So after I opened my friend's email, I found some instructions that directed me to prepare 15 slides that were supposed to be used in a few hours. I wondered why my friend was still doing class presentations 2 years after graduating from collage, but instead of asking too many questions, I sat quietly for the next 30 minutes and prepared a 'perfect' PowerPoint project. 

Later, my friend sent me $20 for the work. That is how I joined academic writing!

Though, I earned my first dollar even before I understood what I was doing, it gave me a glimpse the reward I'd get after such a simple task. Later, I'd learn dos and don'ts of the industry. 

Although there is little to show after six 'easy' years, I'd say am a better teacher, student and citizen. 

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